Casten & Thornton's debut album “Pandora”
released March 26th, 2013

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Casten & Thorton have been making music and experimenting in sound with solo projects and various other collaborations for many years prior to working together on Pandora. Eugene, Oregon, USA artist JD Casten has released eight albums since 2009 under the monikers Tie-dye Laces (shoegaze electronica) and The Rhythm Messiahs (trip-hop), and is a founding member of the hip-hop group Scorched Transmissions. Hailing from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Adam Thornton has been involved in various experimental sound and noise projects since 1993, including GREENman, UPhold, and Lemurian Congress. Casten & Thornton spent two years composing, refining, deconstructing, and producing the eleven tracks on Pandora – a true labor of love.

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